AFOSET Concepts 

...whether temporary or long-term, a strategic alliance with Afoset Concepts works

toward a common goal and is beneficial to all involved.

Afoset Concepts: 

Building Strategic Partnerships for Growth

Afoset Concepts fosters strong alliances with businesses in Nigeria and across the globe. Through these strategic partnerships, we unlock

Increased value for our stakeholders.

Our Expertise:

  • Afoset Logistics: Streamlining your supply chain and optimizing delivery solutions.

  • Afoset E-Commerce: Helping businesses thrive in the digital marketplace.

  • Afoset Consulting Services: Providing expert guidance to achieve your business goals.

  • Afoset E-Books & Web Development: Crafting compelling digital content and building effective online platforms.

  • Afoset Supply/Contract Services: Connecting you with reliable suppliers and managing contracts efficiently.

  • Afoset Realtors: Guiding you through successful real estate transactions.

Afoset Concepts is led by a team of seasoned professionals and business partners dedicated to becoming the foremost reliable and trusted strategic alliance firm for businesses and entrepreneurial ventures. We specialize in forming strategic partnerships with companies in Nigeria and the global market. Our mission is to be the ultimate destination for businesses seeking reliable and trusted strategic alliances.

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Supply/Contract Services

Partner with Afoset Supply/Contract Services for optimized procurement solutions. We specialize in handling procurement processes tailored to established companies. (e.g., office supplies, raw materials, etc.) 

Consulting Services

Afoset Consulting Services:

Your One-Stop Shop for Business Support


Afoset Real Estate can help you achieve your real estate goals. We offer a comprehensive suite of services, including:


Your One-Stop Shop for Quality Products and Services

Afoset connects you with a network of trusted partners, offering a wide range of high-quality products and services. We've strategically partnered with experienced businesses in Ibadan (and expanding to other locations!), ensuring you get the best value for your money.


Afoset offers comprehensive services for e-book production and web development, empowering your online presence. Services include writing, editing, and design, as well as web development services to build and maintain your website.


We collaborate with organizations operating in both B2B and B2C e-commerce realms, catering to FMCG manufacturers, distributors, and retailers. 

Afoset Logistics

We partner with organizations on the B2B and B2C e-commerce platforms for FMCG manufacturers, distributors, and retailers. Do you need express delivery of items, goods, or transportation of people for a trip? Yes, we can help. We bring to bear our excellent service delivery skills and psychology of consumers in managing your customers...

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To be the most reliable and trusted strategic alliance firm for businesses and entrepreneurial ventures.


To enhance stakeholder value, inspire hope and provide roadmaps for new, small and medium scale enterprises to collaborate and develop alliance capability while maintaining their independence as separate entities


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Opportunity to provide supplementary services without losing focus on your capabilities and specialized services.

Opportunity to enter new markets and increase brand awareness

Access to new customer base

Sharing resources and expertise

Building innovative solutions for customers

Every industry is susceptible to disruption, hence, business leaders must look in unlikely places to get the edge they need to keep their organizations relevant and thriving.

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