Consultancy Services

Do you need consultation on how to obtain bank loans, the type of loans, and links to banks or bank officers that can help you? We can help. You can obtain loans to pay any of our partners under the Afoset E-commerce scheme.


Are you an investor looking for risk-free investment platforms with good returns on investment? Talk to us.


Forensics and Fraud investigations engagements, finance & management consulting, public sector audits, company secretaryship, tax management consulting, private auditing, and other accounting firm services.


Services of Legal practitioners, Surveyors, and Insurance Brokers.


Are you in need of experts who can help you translate domain-specific resource materials or documents into Yoruba to encourage and promote grassroots awareness, empowerment, and participation? Our membership in the Centre for Yoruba Language Engineering (CEYOLENG) places us in a position to help you.


Are you in need of resource persons for training and development? Talk to us.


We are also poised to organize webinars and related consulting services for associations, SMEs, and religious organizations. These include guides on how to procure unsecured bank facilities (up to N20 Million) for clients that can meet the requirements of banks or other financial institutions in Nigeria. We also give talks on Bank Lending/Services, Managing Credit and Debit, Credit Risk management, Personal Finance, Cash flow projections & assumptions, and Sales Processes.

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